Who are we?

Horizon Orbit is a multi-sectoral investment group with a long history of successful investments and partnerships. The group mainly invests in the financial market, real estate, Hotels, food services and many other newly emerging sectors in the local and global market.

Our beginning

Horizon Orbit was founded by Suliman Mohammed Alhaid in 1990, and started the establishment activity in the telecommunication business which includes microwave communication devices، modern cellular gadgets، and beepers that were on that time focusing on supplying, marketing, and maintenance.After that, Horizon Orbit set up a chain of telephone booths then formed a partnership with STC to act as an agent to market their products and establish the Seil company with other investors in 2008. Seil company continued its success until STC joined with a %60 share in 2011, and the success continued in the communication sector until STC acquired Seil completely in 2017 by the name of:” Channels”. The telecommun ications activity was preceded by investment in real estate activities in the lands, construction of residential units and participation in some real estate companies.

Our Sectors

- Investments in the Financial Market 
- Investments in The Real Estate Market
- Investments in Hotels
- Investments in Food Service
- Modern Investments

Our Investments

- The establishment of a mall with restaurants and cafes in Riyadh 
- The investment in Dubai by co-financing the construction of two towers
- The establishment of Hotel Suites Tower on King Abdul-Aziz Road in Al-Khobar
- The establishment and development of Banban resort in Riyadh.
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